About Us

About Us

Save Life Hospital and Research Center is an private hospital, situated at heart of janakpurdham, province-2. It is 3.5 kms away from airport 2.5 kms from railway station and around 1km away from transport connecting to different part of country. Also, the border i.e. India(Bihar) are 9-10 kms away and all routes of transport connecting to India. The hospital will mainly provides all facilities of the Kidney diseases along with preventive diseases will all necessary infrastructure and equipment’s. The Hospital 4-stored block will be completed by Chaitra 2077 of this year and will bring all services from Baisakh 2078. Janakpurdhan being a birth place of goddess Sita, is also an ancient place with diverse history. Being called ‘Mithita Nagari’, the most common language used by natives along with all castes are Maithili. We the founder of SLHARC, expect to receive a love and hope that all of you will join the family to get a better care and love.


The Primary mission are

  1. To prevent all kind of kidney related diseases along the preventable diseases.
  2. To educate about the humans diseases by conducting free camp, mass education.
  3. By providing the proper counselling regarding prevalence of diseases and its cure.
  4. By providing all kinds of health care system required to treat diseases especially to poor people.


  • To provide diseases free society, community and country
  • To launch different programmers to teach people about health and diseases.
  • To conduct different community based research and guidelines to stop the resources of all know and unknown diseases as far as possible.
  • To established a well dedicated team of Clinicans,Surgeons,  Nurse, Technician, Engineers, Teachers and Social and multidiscipline hospital bear to treat if not preventable.


  • To organize several health camp, Medical programs to prevent diseases
  • To provide adequate manpower to different place to educate all kind of peoples about diseases and its risk factors.
  • To educate them about safe hygienic techniques and essential Nutrition.
  • To build a Infrastructure by coming 5 years to provide services for different diseases,  camp, Research, Vaccination programs , Oncological Screening, In-vitro Fertilisation and all kinds of major and minor operation along kidney transplantation.
  • To create an app to monitor all body function in future.
  • Finally, to expand the Franchise to all part of Nepal with low treatment rate to other needed facilities for poor and handicapped people.